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»O-CROI« – Irish Music from The Heart

»O-CROI« – spoken [o'krí] – is a Gaelic phrase and means something like »from the heart«, and this is exactly where our music comes from since we formed back in 2005.

»O-CROI« stands for Traditional Irish Folk Music under the influencing stings of a European melting pot, where we mix Austrian, German, Swedish and American roots with the local influences of Carianthian, Jewish and South-Tyrolian musical history, pack some heart of the Irish soul to this, and you get a perfect discription of what seems the mix of our band.  The unique thing about our music is the diversity of the repertoire. Beside the reels and jigs, slides, hornpipes and waltzes there is always enough time for ballads and pub-songs as well as our own composed songs. It is the variety of styles and temper that makes our music so alive. If we cross the musical borders sometime, then it is to explore new musical Irish-based landscapes.