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Who is »O-CROI«?

The band O-CROI stands for authentically played Irish Folk music, that also contains influences of all the protagonists that are close to the project. So there might be an Irish tune, followed by a French dance, or even a Swedish waltz as the members of the band show their multi-cultural background. First there has been just Chris with her angel like voice and Niko with his special way of playig accompany guitar, who met Jeff, the fiddle player from New England (USA) who is actually a living tune book for all kinds of folk music. What started up as a session in Carinthian pubs turned out to be a life project for it’s protagonists.
The Music of O-CROI was mainly influenced by the session culture, that we all learned to know and to love on our trips to Ireland. This very basic ideal of Irish Music grew at the legendary »Lücke Sessions« in the heart of the south-alpine town of Villach. Out of this experience O CROI turned out to be an event band, that plays the tunes as they should be played – as music to dance to.